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The Earth Is Blue as an Orange

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The Earth is blue as an orange


The documentary “The Earth Is Blue as an Orange” is based on the observation of the family, who lives in a small city in the ‘red zone’ of Donbas, one of the most destroyed after shelling. 2014-2015 years were very difficult for this family. They had slept every night in the cellar of their house. The house of their closest neighbour was destroyed by mine. Children’s school was ruined too. Despite all these circumstances, the protagonists remain positive and even try to shoot films about the war by themselves.

This life-affirming story of the family is the core of our documentary film. The war in Ukraine still goes on, but so does the life.

Director: Iryna Tsilyk | DoP: Slava Tsvetkov | Sound Director: Mikhailo Nikolaev, Iryna Ohota | Editor: Ivan Bannikov |

Producer: Anna Kapustina | Co-producer: Giedre Zyckyte